The artistic sensibility of Guido Mauas was manifested for the first time during his childhood in Buenos Aires, where he grew up surrounded by painting, music and literature, stimulated by an eclectic and artistic family atmosphere. Attracted by the drawings of his older brother, he drew his first shadows. In his mother’s atelier (she is also a painter), he began to play and experiment with colours.

During his adolescence, his passion for art was consolidating and breaking through. The curiosity he felt led him to be interested not only in art but also in literature, astronomy, mathematics (he completed 3 years of the Bachelor of Mathematics at the UBA). Everything has left a mark and a shape on him. But his natural inclination for painting prevailed and that is his language, in which he finds and expresses himself.

Mainly self-taught, he attended the New York Academy of Arts to study Human Figure with Mark Tennant, and was twice awarded a scholarship to study with Antonio López García in Spain. In 2019 he was assigned an Odd Nerdrum scholarship for the year 2020.

His work focuses mainly on the human form. Letting light and shadow speak for themselves, each painting is for him a new exploration on the enigma of the soul and body. Keen observation, fluidity, and a solid understanding of anatomy are the foundations of his work.


  • 2017: Selected to participate in Workshop on Figurative Painting taught by Antonio Lopez García (Melilla, Spain)
  • 2014: Studied Human Figure Drawing and Painting under Mark Tennant at the New York Academy of Arts (New York, USA)
  • 2014: Selected to participate in Antonio Lopez García Workshop on Figurative Painting taught by Antonio Lopez García (Almería, Spain)
  • 2010-2012: Attended drawing and painting lessons at Laura Delgado’s studio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Solo Shows

  • 2017 – La casa de al Lado, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • 2015 – El Trueno, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Group Shows

  • 2019 – El Serpa, “35×50”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2019 – Central Newbery, “Desnudos”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2018 – Central Newbery, “16 artists”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2018 – Buen Plan, “Mauas/Gutierrez/Zana”,Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2018 – Error Gallery, “Mauas/Libman”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2017 – El Serpa, “35×50”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2017 – Museo Banco Provincia, “Gran Premio Pintura Banco Provincia 2017”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2017 – Error Gallery, “#Error Presenta”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2016 – El Serpa, “35×50”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2016 – CC Borges, “International Biennal of Contemporary Art”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2016 – Borges 1975, “Figuraciones”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2015 – U.N.A., “Festival del Color”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2015 – El Colectivo del Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2014 – MODOS, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2014 – Legislatura Porteña, “El Arte por el Arte”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2014 – DeSignum Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2012 – Laura Delgado’s Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2011 – National Congress, “Instancias Plásticas”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2010 – Passional Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Grants and Awards

  • Finalist, Gran Premio Pintura Banco Provincia, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017
  • Special Mention, Salon de Pintura Estímulo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017
  • Medal, XI Plein Air Painting Competition, Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013
  • Diploma, IX Plein Air Painting Competition, Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013