Online Lessons

Online painting lessons

I teach painting and drawing online.

Classes are personalized and aimed at all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). I teach painting and drawing technique: composition, human figure, color and chiaroscuro.

Two modalities of classes are offered:

1) Weekly follow-up mode: The student and I agree beforehand on the objective he or she wishes to accomplish, and I design a work plan tailored to that specific project. I provide feedback in a weekly meeting. The student then works on his/her own for a week, and afterwards we meet via Skype or Whatsapp video. During this session I do my analysis of the work and we set forward the next objective.

Fee: 100 usd for four classes (1 month) 80 usd for four classes (1 month). 20% OFF!

2) Online classes in real time: This format consists of live lessons in which I do demonstrations and technical examples via Skype. A work plan is agreed-upon with the student, specifying goals. During class, the student gets to watch me paint and visually understand while I explain my approach and techniques. The student then works–during class–and questions are addressed in real time. The duration of each class is 2 hours.

I provide the reference material and the images to paint. The student can also propose his/her own reference material.

Package of 4 classes (one month): 175 usd  140 usd (20% OFF!)
Package of 8 classes (two months). 300 usd 240 usd (20% OFF!)

For details on how to register, or for any questions, do not hesitate to contact me using the form below, or send me an email to